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We focus on treating musculoskeletal problems, using a range of techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to help alleviate pain and promote healing

The intention in remedial massage is to ‘remedy’ the body. Remedial massage holistically looks at the entire body, with its focus being treating pain, structural dysfunctions and helping in injury rehabilitation. Remedial massage utilises a variety of techniques that target specific muscle groups. These techniques can include trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, Myofascial release, cupping, dry needling and muscle stripping. The pressure in remedial massage can at times be deeper than relaxation massage.

Remedial massage benefits anyone who is experiencing muscle tension, or acute or chronic pain, and low or neck pain, and treatments can take away musculoskeletal pain which has a direct effect on one’s mental and emotional state. While remedial massage is used to treat problems with muscles, tendons, and ligaments, it can also be used to address other health problems such as back pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, soft tissue and sports injuries, as well as anxiety, depression and addiction.

The intrinsic benefits of remedial massage are – encourage blood flow, increase the range of joint motion, release tight and overworked muscles, reduce stress, improve posture and flexibility, and manage overall pain and injuries.

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Lynneth Mercardo

Remedial Massage
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