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About Rebecca Simone

Rebecca works with women who are navigating big transitions in their life so they can discover or rediscover their own unique way of being. Her approach is body-orientated, which means paying attention to the whole of the individual, not only words spoken, but also subconscious patterns and the feelings and sensations in the body.

Her offering is guided by person-centred therapy, contemplative practices, process-orientated psychology and depth psychology. Rebecca’s practice can support you to manage turbulence, unrest and uncertainties in your life such as a loss of a relationship or relationship difficulties, addiction cycles,unexplained body sensations, a feeling of disconnection from yourself and general unease about the life you are living. In each therapy session, Rebecca invites you to be curious, be honest, be messy, be exactly as you are as you work through your most present challenges. Rebecca has a Graduate Diploma of Counselling (holistic practice) and is studying for a Master of Counselling. Rebecca is also a yoga teacher working with women both in groups and individually.

For the past 20 years Rebecca has held management positions in corporations, not-for-profit organisations and in the Higher Education sector, and currently works part time in marketing and communications. Rebecca is a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend, a life-long learner and a devoted mother of two. Rebecca holds a therapy space for others with both keen awareness and gentle compassion.

Rebecca is a member of Holistic Therapists Australia.

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