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About Alisha Lana Rose

Reigniting inspiration into the lives of others using the gentle, yet powerful modalities of Expressive Arts Therapy and Vibrational Sound Healing. Alisha helps people to learn and grow from their lived experience, while healing and transforming their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In a session you can expect to experience scientifically based sound healing techniques in order to re-balance and nourish the autonomic nervous system, or to engage on the expressive arts therapy procedures in order to regain a sense of empowerment, autonomy, and self-determination through creative self-expression.

Alisha’s childhood was filled with exploring the expressive arts through learning the piano and cello, training in classical ballet, and writing poetry. She went onto study visual arts, majoring in photography and moving image and later, experiential and creative arts therapy. After an eight-year career as a sound technician, Alisha has now transferred her skills into the beautiful modality of vibrational sound healing. Alisha has worked with a wide variety of people looking to bring in more wellbeing, clarity, inspiration and connection into their lives. Using her highly attuned sensitivity, intuition and insight, Alisha loves helping people connect back to themselves through enhancing what is already within them, to discover their own natural creative process, healing abilities, and innate wisdom.

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